Buckle Up!- De leerwerkboeken

Ontdek hier ameer informatie over de leerwerkboeken van Buckle Up! 1 en 2, zoals de thema's, inhoudstafels en voorbeeldhoofdstukken. 

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De thema's van leerwerkboek 1
  1. Nice to meet you
    Introducing someone/yourself
  2. Family portrait
    Family/physical appearance
  3. Animals on board
  4. What a day
    Time and daily routines
  5. School is cool
  6. Change clothes and go
    Season & clothes
  7. When is the party?
    Party time
  8. Please don’t stop the music
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De thema's van leerwerkboek 2
(onder voorbehoud van wijzigingen)
  1. Welcome to my crib
    Describing a house/a room
    Talking about where you live
  2. No pain, no gain
    Learning about hobbies and leisure activities
  3. No pain, no gain (part 2)
    At the doctor’s: talking about injuries
  4. Food, glorious food
    Ordering in a restaurant
    Describing food
  5. Hey big spender!
    Let’s go shopping
  6. Don't get lost
    Learning about transport and travel in the neighbourhood
  7. A thousand miles
    Learning about different countries and nationalities
    Understanding simple weather forecasts
  8. Time to go
    Repeating what we have learnt
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