Trackings graad 2

Trackings zijn handige bundels met extra lesmateriaal voor richtingen met 3 uur Engels of meer. Elke bundel heeft een specifiek thema (literair of praktisch) en neemt ongeveer 12 lesuren in beslag.

  • Extra lesmateriaal voor richtingen met 3 uur Engels of meer
  • Verpakt in 4 kant-en-klare bundels
  • Elke bundel bevat lesmateriaal voor 12 extra lesuren
  • Voorbereiding onderzoekscompetenties 3e graad
  • 2 bundels rond literaire thema’s
    • Pow Wow Bazinga
    • London & Jack the Ripper
  • 2 bundels rond praktische thema’s
    • Common sensus
    • Flying high
Flying high
In this Tracking students learn the different steps to planning a trip. They are also introduced to different kinds of (visual and explanatory) dictionaries and learn how to distinguish between different parts of speech. Scanning and skimming strategies are practised as well. 
In the final project of this Tracking they organise a trip to a mystery destination on a fixed budget. All the group members have different expert roles and have to search for specific information. Together they make important decisions about their trip and present it. These skills are the first (guided) steps into research competence skills.

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London & Jack the Ripper
There are 2 threads running through this Tracking: 
  1. a literary thread: the Young Adult (YA) novel The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson. Students read extracts and speculate about what happens in this book. Note that it is not necessary for you or your students to read the entire book to understand the extracts in the Tracking (although we encourage you and your students to read the book, of course). 

  2. a socio-cultural and historical thread: Students get a lot of information about London, the language (Cockney), the London Underground (Tube), London in the Victorian Age and the almost mythical story of Jack the Ripper. This Tracking works very well if you let students work in differentiated groups throughout the entire project. If you add a competitive element students are often more motivated too, especially once the ‘ghost’ aspect of the story is mentioned.
This Tracking is also an ideal preparation for a visit to London. 
Lastly, with this Tracking we also want to show students that reading a book in English – an authentic book, not a graded reader – may not be as difficult as they think it might be. 

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Pow Wow Bazinga
Superheroes and supervillains are as popular as they have ever been and these fantastic characters speak to both young teens and adults. In this Tracking your students will discuss what “makes” a (super)hero. Does one need superpowers to be one or can it be an Average Joe like you and me? Your students will also learn about the stages of the Hero’s Journey or Monomyth and link that pattern to their favourite book or film.
Plus, what do typical superheroes and supervillains look like? And what about their gadgets and hideouts? 
In the final project of this Tracking your students will need to get creative and invent their own superhero and supervillain, bringing them to life in a (short) comic book sequence. 

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Common Census
In this tracking students are taught how to create a good survey. The essential parts in conducting a survey are illustrated via a large-scale American study on media usage by tweens and teens. Results of this survey are shown via statistics, articles and news reports and will be further discussed in class. Deciding on a research topic, creating a coherent questionnaire with well-structured questions, choosing the most appropriate format, analysing and presenting final conclusions and possible future research items are all dealt with in this tracking.
Grammatical and lexical items needed to present the outcome of a survey (e.g. subject – verb agreement with fractions and percentages, conditionals, position of the adverbs of frequency, using a thesaurus, typical survey jargon) are also covered.
A good preparation for developing research skills and strategies needed in the third grade.
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Toelichting over de handleiding
De handleiding is op dezelfde manier opgebouwd zoals die voor het leerwerkboek is opgesteld.

Je hebt echter met 1 code toegang tot diddit met het handleidingmateriaal (incl. Bordboek) van alle Trackings. Op die manier kan je als leraar al eens proeven van ons volledige aanbod Trackings..

Ontdek ook de trackings voor de 3e graad